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Book your next event with Fun Sports. We specialise in, end of year school fun days, sports presentations, vacation care gala days and parties. You name the occasion and our team will customise the perfect package for your event. All packages can be customised to suit any event small or large.

Fun Sports Package options for more information on the activities below or additional activities, please don’t hesitate to contact Fun Sports on 0417794291.

Big Splash
Aim Set Throw
Hit the target and Splash

Zorb Balls
Kids will hop into a 2.6m Zorb ball and test their skills in a hamster run.

4 Lane Racer
Race your friends down a whopping 10m slide and land into a massive pool at the bottom.

Wipe Out Slide
Water to be provided within 20m
A huge 6mH x 4mW x 11mL slide with a slight hump for the extra thrill as you slide down into a splash pool.

Slide n Splash
6mH x 5mW x 8mL dual water slide. Race your friends or enjoy the ride down into a splash area.

Bumper Balls
One of the most fun and hilarious games as you try to bump your friends or test your own skills in an inflated zorb

A huge 10m high and 27m long slide. Race your friends and have a blast down this epic slide.

Call of Duty
Race and challenge your friends in the Call of Duty obstacle course measuring 20mL x 5mW x 5mH


For anyone that wants to dry off and have a jump in the 4m x 4m Playhouse that has a Jump area, Ladder, Slide and
Basketball Hoop


5m x 5m gladiator ring. Students will enjoy the challenge and test their skills between friends until the last one stands.

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